Harry Styles: A Musical Icon

Harry Styles, who was once a member of the worldwide sensational band One Direction, is currently taking the world by storm with his new, unique music and new-found career in acting with his breathtaking performance in Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” . He has also become an inspiration to many through his bold words on current political world situations including the LGBTQ community and gun violence.

Harry Edward Styles was raised in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England with his older sister Gemma and their mother Anne Twist and father Desmond Styles. Although he lived a simple life there, he did face a fork in the road when his parents were divorced. Anne eventually remarried in 2013 a wonderful man, named Robin Twist, who unfortunately passed away this past year due to a battle with cancer.

Harry first dipped his toes into a career of music when he joined his very first band White Eskimo. Although they were only a highschool band and no more, they created lovely music that helped pave the way for Harry’s future career.

In 2010, Harry attended the United Kingdom’s X Factor auditions where he performed “Isn’t she Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. He made it a few rounds in when he and his soon-to-be band mates were seemingly eliminated. However, Simon Cowell, who is known for putting together some of the most successful artists and bands in the world, called Harry, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson back and formed what the world now knows and remembers as One Direction.

One Direction was and continues to be one of the best bands across the globe. Although they had the title of a stereotypical boy band, they quickly strayed away from the norm by writing most of their own music with actual meaning by the end of the band’s longevity.

Unfortunately, all One Direction fans were distraught to hear the news of their “hiatus” in 2015. All of the band members have come out with their own music at this point, but Harry did much more than just that.

Harry released his debut solo album “Harry Styles” last year. Harry defied everyone’s speculations by putting out an album that is although considered pop, more alternative rock than anything else. Diehard fans of Harry know how much Harry loves rock bands like Fleetwood Mac. With that being said, they love to see him put out music that he personally loves rather than just generic pop music for publicity and money. True Harry fans find this amazing and heartening.

Harry has embarked on his world tour these past few months and will be visiting Boston in less than a month from now. He continues to take the world by storm and inspire many people of all ages.


Remarkable Season for the Boston Bruins

4E70C18E-B3F7-4ABC-ACBE-AE37F8F2EF63Alas, as all great things come to an end, it is time to say goodbye to our 2017-2018 Boston Bruins team. With a season full of ups and downs, the Bruins did not disappoint fans with an entertaining season. They earned themselves a title of the “comeback team”, just to put into perspective how amazing this season was to watch.

Although it was a fantastic season, there is no denying the fact that the Bruins definitely passed up on a great opportunity this season. Even though they were an extremely young team, they succeeded what others deemed impossible: they clinched a spot in the playoffs. These amazing and determined young players brought a whole new aspect and style of hockey to the program and helped the organization qualify for the Stanley Cup Playoffs after a two year non-playoff team drought.

Our first round oppent was the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Bruins acted early and got a 2-0 lead above the Leafs within the first two games, eventually clinching a third win in the fourth game of the series. However, we let them come back and tie the entire series up, leading us to a home game 7, which we won. Although the series went how Bruins fans wanted, there is no doubt that they definitely showed signs of fatigue and laxness that could have cost us the series.

With that first round series win under their bets, the Bruins took on the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bruins again won the first game of the series but quickly lost stamina and allowed the Lightning to sweep them afterwards. Allowing the first round to go to a game 7 when the Bruins could have easily claimed the round earlier on in the series put the Bruins in a tough position physically and mentally. Not only were they unable to keep up with a more fresh-legged team like the Lightning, but they also rolled over and allowed the Lighting to walk all over them as soon as they got down.

Nonetheless, this season was a historical one for sure. No one could have guessed how far this team could come especially based off their extremely young ages and inexperience. Of course the Bruins and their fans were looking for a parade alongside the Stanley Cup in Boston, but this team helped boost the confidence of fans in the idea that this young and determined team may go all the way next season. The Boston Bruins 2018-2019 team is one to keep an eye out for because with all of that young and impressive talent you are sure to get an entertaining season.



Brad Marchand vs. The NHL

Brad Marchand-a small yet ever so aggressive and feisty hockey player- is constantly facing the criticism of the National Hockey League and fans of it alike. Over the years, Marchand has created a tarnished reflection of his status as a player. As a Boston Bruins fan, it is undeniable that Brad Marchand constantly plays his own game, which is fast-paced, extremely aggressive, and very competitive. Many people, however, who do not support the Bruins especially, constantly title Marchand as a “dirty player”. Yes, Marchand has had some not clean hits throughout his career, however, as a whole, most of the calls against him are a result of a false image and reputation that has been kindled by the social media of supporters of other NHL teams.

Earlier this season, Brad Marchand faced a five-game suspension against him due to an elbowing into the head on Marcus Johansson, who is a member of the New Jersey Devils. Although the elbow had gone flying into Johansson’s head, it seemed to be an accident or an unintentional hit due to an aggressive net presence. However, the league, as per usual, thought differently and so did the Devil’s fan base. Since this particular hit, it seems like the NHL and referees watch Marchand with a careful eye and restrict him on a short leash.

To many this may not seem like a huge ordeal, but as a fan you come to understand that all of Marchand’s goals come from his aggressiveness and hounding of the puck. While the regular season is coming to a close, Bruins fans are anxiously sitting on the edges of their seats as they watch games, waiting for a call against Marchand that is sure to be called or reviewed out of context. All fans are worrying over the same thing: is Marchand’s game as an aggressive player going to have to change for the playoffs to solidify the fact that he will be able to compete when his team needs him most?

Watch the five-game suspension call on your own and choose if you think it was righteous or not:

Charlie McAvoy: A Young Star


Charlie McAvoy, who wears the jersey number #73, has been tearing it up in the NHL for his first true season with the Boston Bruins logo on his jersey. Not only is he an excellent defenseman, but he is also scoring a lot of goals for the team, just last week scoring the game winning goal for the team.

Charlie McAvoy was born on December 21, 1997 in Long Beach, New York, making him the mere age of 20. Charlie also lived in Michigan for a small portion of his likfe while he studied at Pioneer High School and became a member of USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program. He also won gold in 2015 at the IIHF Under-18 World Championship.

McAvoy is one among many other talented young players who the Bruins have scored these past two years. He has even had the honor of starting with veteran defenseman and captain Zdeno Chara.

Boston is no unfamiliar home to Charlie. Before signing a contract this year with the Boston Bruins, Charlie McAvoy was a star at Boston University. He made himself a name at Boston University and has continued to do so with the Boston Bruins as well. We were first introduced to Charlie in the NHL when he was pulled up for playoffs with the Bruins last season.

Charlie currently has 7 goals and 25 assists, amounting to a total of 59 points on the season. His career as a professional hockey player is young and already extremely successful. This can only mean great things for the future of him as a player and the team as a whole.


USA Women’s Hockey Team Wins Gold Again


Since 1998, the extraordinary United States of America’s Women’s Hockey Team has been trying to redeem themselves of the Olympic gold medal. While coming up short for a few years, truly remarkable history was made again this past weekend.

The USA Women’s Hockey Team won gold this past weekend against Canada, who was highly favorited due to their outstanding gold medal streak in the Olympics these past years. Incredible players and role models like Hilary Knight have been waiting for this moment for years on end and to finally have attained it is a great feeling. “I don’t even believe it’s true. It’s been a dream,” said Hilary, when asked what it is like to be known as an Olympic gold medalist by a reporter.

This win is more than just an honor to the country itself and a kudos to the team for their hard work over these past four years in preparation for the 2018 Olympics. This win helps further prove the capability of this particular team to win and achieve big.

This past year the women’s team went on a strike in regards to the unfair pay range between the men’s team and the women’s team. This strike happened just days before the World Cup Championships back in 2017; however, the out-of-the blue qualities of this strike left the National Hockey League in a very tight situation: either give the girls what they rightfully deserve or all the United States to take a loss at the World Cup due to the team’s absence. With the support of other major leagues like the MLB, NHL, and NFL and other athletes and celebrities, the women’s team made history again by getting their pay to be raised. Not only did this strike inspire many girls around the world, but it was also very brave and courageous of them.

The game went into a nail biting overtime that was very up and down; however, the game ended in an almost unbelievable shootout with a phenomenal goal by Jocelyne Lamoureux and a great save by the United State’s goaltender Maddie Rooney.

As the women’s team basks in the glory of what winning a gold medal for your country after a serious drought of gold feels like, in the back of their minds they still are foreshadowing the win of another gold medal at the 2022 Olympics.


Check out Jocelyne’s goal here:

Jack the Ripper: Lurker of the Streets of London

Murder is no unfamiliar aspect to our everyday lives. Murders have been occurring in every state, country, and continent for centuries on end, yet there is one murderer whose name is known by many: Jack the Ripper.

“Jack the Ripper”, a serial killer whose victims were usually women, came into play in 1888 in London. The notorious name Jack the Ripper originated from a letter sent to the police station after one of London’s most gruesome murders. The letter was signed by “Jack the Ripper” with gory details about how he had murdered one of his first victims.

The amount of victims is unknown to society, as many people do believe Jack the Ripper is responsible for 11 murders that occurred in London at the time; however, Jack is definitely affiliated with 5 murders. These 5 murders, all happening within a few months of each other and each eerie in their own way, is widely referred to as the “Canonical 5”; the victim’s names were Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly. All 5 of these murders were of prostitutes, seemingly a repetitive attack motive for Jack. Three of the five women had their internal organs like the womb and kidney removed by Jack, giving the police one first semi-clue; the murderer had to have knowledge of anatomy to know where and how to cut out the women’s internal organs.

Although all of the murders occurred around the same area in the same condition, the murderer was never determined. Two of the murders even occurred within 30 minutes of each other, only a few blocks away from each other.

There have been many suspects, but there was never a strong incline towards one person. However, the description of Jack the Ripper has never wavered among eyewitnesses. Jack was a tall and skinny man, who wore a large hat and had a creepy mustache. Without a doubt, he is also known as one of the most evil men in the history of the world.



The Chilling Murder of JonBenét Ramsey

JonBenét Ramsey’s murder has been engulfing the nation’s attention for over two decades. The only 6 year old beauty pageant star’s death broke people’s hearts and made them want to find the killer to provide justice for this young girl, who lost her life so untimely; however, her killer is still unknown, roaming the world as a free man or woman.

On December 25, 1996 JonBenét’s body was found in her home’s basement in Boulder, California with a garrote tied around her neck along with other more injuries. Besides her body, a ransom note was found at the crime scene that demanded $118,000. It was ruled that sexual assault and murder had taken place.

Although the true killer has never been arrested, there have been suspects. The original two suspects were her two parents. Investigators guessed that the mother had written the letter and that she and her husband tried to cover up the death by making it appear as if a murder had taken place. Although this investigation against them lasted longer than it should have, the idea of them being the killers was debunked after DNA evidence proved that the killer did not belong to the Ramsey family but rather an undetermined male. This allegation not only ruined the Ramsey family name but also put John Ramsey, who is JonBenét’s father, in financial trouble. They were (and still are) a very wealthy family, but John struggled to find work and continue to make money to pay for the investigation that he and his wife have dedicated their lives to. Patsy Ramsey, mother of JonBenét and husband to John Ramsey, died in 2006 from Ovarian Cancer.

At one point JonBenét’s brother Burke, who was 9 years old at the time of the murder, was also accused of the murder. It was guessed that the parents tried to cover up this murder, but he was also ruled out as a suspect after the DNA evidence proved that the murderer was not a Ramsey.

There were a few other suspects involved in the case including a former housekeeper for the Ramsey’s and a neighbor in the town who dressed up as Santa Claus every year and admired JonBenét dearly.

A man named John Mark Karr also falsely came forward as “JonBenét’s killer” in 2006. He was arrested in Thailand but later released after his DNA did not match the one found at the scene. Although debunked for this murder, Karr was accused in 2010 of trying to start a sex cult called “the Immaculates” of young, JonBenét lookalikes.

Although the murderer is still not confirmed and may never be, there is no denying that this was an act of pure evil and that a young girl lost her life all too soon.


It Is a Great Time To Be a Bruin’S Fan


Although it has been since 2011 since their last meeting, the Boston Bruins are no strangers to the Stanley Cup. This 2017-2018 season, however, is foreshadowing a very great probability in this NHL team’s meeting with the rewarding trophy that comes along with winning the Stanley Cup Championship.

As of right now, the Bruins are in second place for the Eastern Conference, trailing behind Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bruins currently have 21 wins and 10 losses after playing a total of 37 games up to this point, whereas Tampa Bay has 28 wins and 8 losses after 38 games played.

As for the overall National Hockey League standings, the Bruins are in the ninth spot out of 31 other teams. If the Bruins continue a steady or even more successful route this season, then they will more than likely be one of the total 16 teams in the playoffs competing for the Stanley Cup and the honor that comes along with winning it.

Not only are the Bruins in a great position to be potentially bringing home a win to a Boston, but they are also beginning to form a strong, young foundation for the program itself. Every year there are new and young prospects being recruited to Providence to play and hopefully later be moved up to the real big leagues. Players like David Pastrnak, Charlie McAvoy, Jake DeBrusk, Brandon Carlo and other players are only in their young twenties or possibly even younger than that and are already dominating and excelling in the National Hockey League. David Pastrnak, for example, is currently the top leading score for the B’s.

It is a great time to be a Bruins fan right now. Not only will we hopefully be seeing an exciting playoff season as potential candidates for the Championship, but we are also very fortunate for successful years to come in the near future.


Coyotes vs Bruins

The Devastating Forest Fires of California


Forest fires have been engulfing California for years; however, as of recently, these fires have been even more destructive and vast than ever. Priya Krishnakumar and Joe fox of latimes.com attribute these horrifying fires to “Santa Ana winds in Southern California and Diablo winds in the north” and how these “powerful winds cause fires to spread faster and quicker.” (Priya Krishnakumar and Joe Fox, “Why the 2017 fire season has been one of California’s worst.”

Firefighters try to use these intense winds to their advantage by clearing the air from the harmful smoke, but you also don’t want to allow the breeze to feed the fire. Besides these winds, fall and summer are the two most dangerous fire seasons. This is due to summer’s aridness and fall’s unpredictable weather but high winds. The most recent forest fire (as of December 13, 2017) is the Thomas Fire. According to CNN, “the blaze is larger than all of New York City.” (Holly Yan, Darren Simon, and Paul Vercammen, “California wildfires have destroyed 1,000 structures … and counting.”

Besides this devastating fire, the fire Skirball that occurs and took over California last week was also very harming. Not only did it destruct many man-made structures, leaving debris all over the southern part of the state and forest, but it also took away many animals’ shelters. The California Fire Department issued a statement asking residents of California to stay safe during their fires and to try and leave water for animals that were passing through yards due to their escape from the fires.


Photo by someone driving down the highway with a firsthand view of the horrifying Skirball Fire that occurred in California recently.

In conclusion, we as a country know these fires are far from over, but we can continue to strive as a whole to keep ourselves and others safe from these natural disasters. There will continue to be forest fires in California for the rest of the 2017 year which are sure to cause physical and emotional destruction. You can help by trying to donate to help others who are victims of these fires.

David “Pasta” Pastrnak


David Pastrnak, a Boston Bruins right-winger, has come a long way in his hockey career and from his home country of the Czech Republic. After being drafted by the Boston Bruins in the 2014 NHL Entry Draft and then signing for three years, David Pastrnak is currently signed to a six-year contract under the Bruins, amounting to a whopping total of 6.7 million dollars annually.

David Pastrnak was born on May 25, 1996, making him 21 years old. He always played hockey since he was little and was encouraged by his father to play it for as long as he could. Unfortunately, after a long battle of cancer, David’s father died. David credits his father for his passion for the game, aging that the only reason he worked so hard to play in the NHL was because of his dad.

David did have a successful career in the Czech Republic for an under-18 league, but he quickly signed to the Bruins soon after. Not only is David always one of the top goal scorers due to his unreal “hands” and amazing shot, but he is also one of the top players for playing time. His usual linemates for the Boston Bruins being Canadian-born Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron

Although the Bruins 2017-2018 season has merely begun, David Pastrnak is currently leading the team in goals with 12. He is also credited for 9 assists, thus’ amounting to him having a total of 21 points.


Whether you are a fan of the Boston Bruins are not, many can agree that David “Pasta” Pastrnak is one of the youngest and best players in the NHL this season and will continue to stand out in point standings for the Bruins and the NHL as a whole.

To see some of David’s best NHL moments check out the video below: